How to be productive and

rest at the same time!

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Welcome! I'm Karen.

I’m Karen, a transformational health & life coach, registered nurse and mom of four.

I am here to fully empower you to reclaim your life from the impacts of stress.  There is HOPE you can easily implement and maintain healthy habits that will create abundant energy. 

I know what it is like to feel like you are just SURVIVING instead of THRIVING.  To overcome this cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm, I’ve learned that you have to address STRESS and REST BEFORE anything else will really work.  Patterns of stress and exhaustion will sabotage your progress in all other areas of your health. 

I guide you to do just this.  It’s a combination of evidence-based stress reduction interventions, mindset, nutrition, habit change science, expert support and heart.  And together, we pull it all together and create life-changing momentum.

I’m glad you are here!

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Learn a simple practice to IMPROVE metabolism and DECREASE stress.

If you are like any busy woman I know, you often find yourself eating on the go, or forgetting to eat, or quickly feeding yourself in between taking care of others.

You may also struggle with low energy levels, digestive upset and stubborn weight. And in all this craziness, you are also trying to feul your body with healthy foods. But its hard to manage it all.

Would you believe that you can significantly improve your health and digestion without changing WHAT you are eating at all but by just focusing on HOW you are eating?

What if in just 2 minutes, you can both decrease your stress level and activate your metabolism?