SLOW down to SPEED up metabolism

Sometimes the best thing you can do to SPEED UP weight loss is to SLOW DOWN. Do you believe that?  Does stress play a role in weight loss?  It is hard to see slowing down as a valid option in our “hustle more” culture.  Even when it comes to health and weight loss, most of […]

Benefits of a Reset & Recover Diet

“I need to hold on to the feeling right now of how good my body is feeling.  My clothes are fitting better. I am having less mood swings, more consistent energy.  A donut cannot make me feel this way”.    March 24, 2018, Whole 30 day 13. Oh, how tightly I hold onto things that […]

Surviving the Afternoon Slump

It’s 3 PM. You need something to drag you out of the “afternoon black hole” of being tired and losing motivation.  Coffee is sooooo tempting. And the candy bar in the vending machine is calling your name. And there are still a few donuts left in the break room… However, you know from experience that […]