Here’s what cleaning out my inbox of 14,000 emails taught me

Woman hand with cell phone and email emojis

So if you follow me on social, you may remember the battle with my inbox this weekend. I woke up to a notification that I had met my Gmail storage limit. I wonder why…. Could it be that I had 14,000 emails in my inbox? I know that some of you probably just had a […]

SLOW down to SPEED up metabolism

Sometimes the best thing you can do to SPEED UP your metabolism is to SLOW DOWN. Do you believe that?  Does stress play a role in maintaining a healthy weight?  It does so much more than most of us acknowledge. It is hard to see slowing down as a valid option for achieving our wellness […]

Crying in the elevator. The practice of resilience in nursing

The staff elevator door closed and the flood gates opened.  Tears openly flowed for my patient and his family. Tears flowed for my work family and all who had learned to love him and his family during their many hospitalizations.  Tears flowed for the jokes we all laughed at as he walked the halls pushing […]

Rise and Shine (and Give Me Some Coffee)

I can sleep in like a champ.  If you don’t bug me, I could naturally roll out of bed at 11:00. But then enter…PARENTING.  A definition of parenting could be: “Being bugged by cute little people with needs more important than your own for the next few decades.” I want to be a morning person […]

Surviving the Afternoon Slump

It’s 3 PM. You need something to drag you out of the “afternoon black hole” of being tired and losing motivation.  Coffee is sooooo tempting. And the candy bar in the vending machine is calling your name. And there are still a few donuts left in the break room… However, you know from experience that […]

Why I said “No” to overtime my first year at the hospital

If you are looking for permission to say ‘No’ and NOT feel guilty when asked to work overtime shifts, here it is. You have my permission to say “No” to working extra as a nurse. Especially in your first year. And if anyone asks you where you got the idea, just tell them you read […]

Give yourself a break!!

“How is it NOON already??  I’ve been working for 5 hours?  I should probably take a break… let me just finish this note first… then room 5 needs pain meds…. oh, and there’s a call light…” Does this sound familiar to any of you?  If you are in healthcare, especially if you work in a […]

I’m not a slacker mom, I’m a minimalist

If you want a book that makes you feel awesome about doing less, pick up Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest.  Or if you are already a rock star at managing a full schedule, read it still. Seriously. I was at our public library not long ago and stumbled across this gem of […]