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Rise and Shine (and Give Me Some Coffee)

I can sleep in like a champ.  If you don’t bug me, I could naturally roll out of bed at 11:00. But then enter…PARENTING.  A definition of parenting could be: “Being bugged by cute little people with needs more important than your own for the next few decades.”

I want to be a morning person

So sleeping in is off the table, except on the rare, glorious days of giftedness like Mother’s Day.  And that’s really okay. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. Someone who loves being up early and conquering the day.  But I am usually just conquering the coffee pot.  

As a nurse, I do have to get up early for my work day.  But strangely, in general I don’t struggle too much with getting out of the house on work days.  I have never been late for work.  Once I’m at work, I usually am awake and ready to go.  But if my body knows that I do not have to work, I swear it goes into hibernation mode.

I need a plan for summer break

We are 3 weeks into summer break for my clan.  I have been looking forward to summer break for the past month.  I want to really enjoy this time with the kids. As a nurse, I work 3 full days a week.  On my days off during summer break I do get to spend more one-on-one time with my 3 blessings.  I am looking forward to letting them explore the outdoors, play and make some great family memories.

As I write this, all three are already up, dressed in swimsuits for swim team practice and outside riding bikes at 7:00 AM.  I am inside with my coffee and trusty bathrobe working on making a plan for the summer schedule. And wouldn’t you know? A successful day all points to Mom getting up early. 

For me to have a good day, I need to plan some time for reflection, quiet and writing.  But that’s hard to find during the day with active kids and neighborhood friends coming in and out of the house.  I think I should just put a turn-style on my front door…

Also, I have a goal of running another half marathon.  I do enjoy running and the mental and physical clarity it brings.  To keep that goal or running another 13.1 miles on track, (or even started in my case) I need to make the time to run.  Here in central Washington state, it can easily get into the 100s by noon in the summer. So that means early morning runs are what I need to do. 

Strategies for success

I’ve had seasons of my life when I’ve been better about getting up early in the morning.  It’s time to tap back into those lessons. Here are some of the things that I know have worked for me before. 

  • Go to bed earlier.  Ugh… I can definitely be a night owl because that is when the house is quiet and I can do what I want.  
  • Work on getting better sleep. I find that caffeine after noon does make it more difficult to sleep. Also observing a “power down hour” before bed where I turn off electronics/ get off my phone and read or catch up with my husband.
  • Positive mind frame Go to sleep with the thought into your mind that waking up in the morning is going to be easy and wonderful.  Go to bed looking forward to the blessing of a new morning. It actually works!!
  • Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room.  Then you have to get out of the warm covers and turn it off.  Harder to press snooze for the 10 times. (It is still possible…speaking from experience.  Just takes more effort)
  • Get up and get moving.  Stretches or air squats at the bedside are a simple way to do this.  If you have an exercise plan, try and get your workout in earlier in the day.
  • Get outside and getting fresh air and sunlight soon after waking.  It helps your circadian rhythm to help you have overall better sleep/wake cycles. Guess I get to be the one to take out the garbage in the morning…

I’d love to hear some of your favorite inspiration, tips and tricks for a fulfilling morning routine!

Sleep is wonderful.  But a joyful healthy summer with my family is better.



Karen Doiron

Transformational Health & Life Coach

I am here to fully empower you to reclaim your life from the impacts of stress.  There is hope that you can easily implement and maintain healthy habits that will create abundant energy. 

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