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If you feel like quitting nursing, read this.

You are not alone. It’s rough out there right now friends.

In addition to my work as a Stress & Well-being Coach for nurses, I work per diem as an inpatient nurse in medical oncology.

After every shift I am reminded of the extreme demands placed on healthcare professionals. Most places are short staffed. And it feels like our patients are coming in to the hospital more sick and complicated then before. Most of us are tired and feel discouraged.

BUT there is hope in the midst of the storm.

Every shift I’m ALSO reminded of

❤️ Remarkable Colleagues: I am privileged to collaborate with exceptional coworkers across all levels of the healthcare organization. Their brilliance, empathy, selflessness, and authenticity fill my spirit.

💙 Healing and Hope: Amidst illness, we offer the invaluable gifts of healing and support to individuals and their families, fostering hope in difficult times.

💜 Extraordinary Patients: The encounters with patients are treasures – moments filled with laughter and profound insights into life’s essence.

💖 Utilizing Gifts: Nursing allows me to employ numerous talents and skills. It’s a profession I adore.

So if you feel stuck in the stress of healthcare or are struggling with dissatisfaction in your nursing job…

This one thought will help you gain clarity and start navigating towards more fulfillment.

It’s not the JOB, its the STRESS.

When I get to actually DO my job as a nurse it feels great. When my patient load is manageable I can provide the compassionate, quality care my patients deserve. I love to be able to educate and spend time with my patients without being rushed between meds and documentation tasks.

When I have days like this, it’s a great day!

I remember that I love what I do and I’m pretty darn good at it.

It’s all the other stuff that drags me down.

  • Systemic issues
  • Workflow challenges
  • External pressures
  • Tedious documentation
  • Communication gaps
  • Neglecting my personal well-being

If the weight of these factors is pushing you towards leaving healthcare, I understand. I empathize with your struggles.

But before making a decision, consider:

❓ What exactly drags you down during your workday?
❓ What contributes significantly to your exhaustion and dissatisfaction?
❓ What are the parts of your job that bring meaning, purpose and joy?

❓ Is it the stress of the job that is causing dissatisfaction OR the actual tasks related to your nursing license?

✅✅ And perhaps, consider a consultation with me. Stress & Well-being Consult

Let’s discuss how chronic stress might be a significant contributor to your career dissatisfaction and together explore ways to mitigate it.

Remember, you are a good nurse. It’s the STRESS that’s the problem.

And if you don’t have any skills to manage your stress, then your job satisfaction won’t improve.

Learn stress management skills and you will find you have the capacity to make changes that will bring you fulfillment.

If you are a nurse, looking to learn new skills in wellness and stress management, grab a Stress & Well-being Consult with me.



Karen Doiron

Transformational Health & Life Coach

I am here to fully empower you to reclaim your life from the impacts of stress.  There is hope that you can easily implement and maintain healthy habits that will create abundant energy. 

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