If you feel like quitting nursing, read this.

If you feel like quitting nursing, read this first. Learn why it’s not the job but the stress that affects job satisfaction. Discover powerful reflection questions to help navigate dissatisfaction and stress in nursing.

Crying in the elevator. The practice of resilience in nursing

The staff elevator door closed and the flood gates opened.  Tears openly flowed for my patient and his family. Tears flowed for my work family and all who had learned to love him and his family during their many hospitalizations.  Tears flowed for the jokes we all laughed at as he walked the halls pushing […]

Why I said “No” to overtime my first year at the hospital

If you are looking for permission to say ‘No’ and NOT feel guilty when asked to work overtime shifts, here it is. You have my permission to say “No” to working extra as a nurse. Especially in your first year. And if anyone asks you where you got the idea, just tell them you read […]

Give yourself a break!!

“How is it NOON already??  I’ve been working for 5 hours?  I should probably take a break… let me just finish this note first… then room 5 needs pain meds…. oh, and there’s a call light…” Does this sound familiar to any of you?  If you are in healthcare, especially if you work in a […]